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Excavations at Al-Khidr have been designed to answer the questions posed by the archaeologists. At the site, we use square exposures (10 x 10 m) paired with context-sheet documentation.

Besides hand retrieving of the finds, dry sieving and water flotation are employed by the excavation. Dry sieving is carried out in the field (in 2008 over 35 tones of sediments). All contexts are randomly dry-sieved and the exceptional ones are sampled in higher volumes. Dry sieving enables the collection of small or severely fragmented artefacts and ecofacts, as well as fragments of metal and stone objects, bitumen, fish and animal bones, otoliths, shells, and rarely occurring archaeobotanical finds (e.g. charred date stones).

KSAM members in charge:
Shehab A. H. Shehab, Lucia Benediková, Peter Barta,  Hamed Al-Mutairi, Ahmed Al-Shemari, Özlem Aytek, Jozef Ďuriš, Vildan Gürdil, Branislav Kovár, Jana Stehlíková, Bohuslav Šebesta

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